Automatic Broiler Drinker (MK6)


Ensure consistent hydration for your broilers with our Automatic Broiler Drinker. Designed to support the complete life cycle of your birds from day one, this ballasted drinker offers stability and ease of use. The independent ballast can be filled with sand or concrete to keep the drinker steady, while the included hanging attachments, 3-meter PVC flexible water pipe, and clamp saddle with a shut-off valve provide a comprehensive and reliable drinking solution.



  • Application: Suitable from day-old chicks to the end of the life cycle
  • Dimensions: Height 460mm, Diameter 357mm
  • Drinking Capacity: 100 birds per drinker
  • Water Pressure: Operates efficiently at 0.15 to 0.2 bar
  • Weight: 1.290kg

Optimize your poultry watering system with our Automatic Broiler Drinker, designed for durability, stability, and ease of use. Ensure your broilers stay hydrated and healthy throughout their life cycle.