Bulk Chick Feeder


Streamline your chick feeding process with our Bulk Chick Feeder, designed to cater to the needs of chicks from day one to their first week. With a generous capacity of 5kg, this feeder minimizes the need for frequent refills, reducing labor intensity. Featuring an anti-waste lip on the base and a narrow trough, it effectively reduces feed wastage and spoilage.



  • Application: Ideal for chicks aged 1 to 7 days
  • Dimensions: Height 204mm, Diameter 286mm
  • Feed Capacity: Holds up to 5kg of feed
  • Feeding Capacity: 4 feeders per 100 birds
  • Weight: 0.37kg

Maximize efficiency and minimize waste with our Bulk Chick Feeder, offering ample capacity and innovative features to support your chick-rearing efforts.