Econo Tube Feeder


Introducing the Econo Tube Feeder, a cost-effective solution designed to streamline your poultry feeding process. With a generous capacity of 12kg, this feeder ensures ample feed supply while minimizing waste. Crafted from UV-stabilized materials, it guarantees durability and longevity, providing reliable performance throughout the poultry lifecycle.

The Econo Tube Feeder features a ribbed tube for smooth feed flow and a steeper cone for optimal feed dispersion. Its built-in anti-waste ring and lip minimize spillage, promoting efficient feed conversion. Whether raised using POLTEK® innovative legs and extenders or suspended with cord and adjuster, this feeder offers versatile installation options to suit your facility’s needs.



  • Feeding Capacity: 3 feeders per 100 birds
  • Feed Capacity: Holds up to 12kg of feed
  • Application: Suitable from 7 days to end of the lifecycle
  • Dimensions: Height 400mm, Diameter Top 225mm, Diameter 365mm
  • Weight: 0.904kg

Upgrade your poultry feeding system with the Econo Tube Feeder, combining affordability, durability, and efficiency to optimize feed management and promote healthier flocks.